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The Classic Horrors Club Podcast EP 76: It's a Disaster II

While the world falls apart around us, Jeff and Richard focus on two specific disasters. In San Francisco, a fire rages out of control in the world's tallest building. In New York, a meteor splinter decimates the city. It's going to take more than your regular hosts to cover what's happening, so we've invited some special correspondents.


Yes, we're discussing the pinnacle of 1970s disaster films, The Towering Inferno (1974), and what some would consider the nadir, Meteor (1979.) Among the first-time viewings and revisits of your podcasters, you'll find much agreement, but also some surprising conclusions.


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We May Never Love Like This Again by Maureen McGovern, from the 1974 motion picture, The

Towering Inferno.

Meteor by Architects from the album, For Those That Wish to Exist.

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